Special Steel products


Specifications Equivalent Spec Equivalent Grade
British Standard Rolls Royce USA France Germany General Engineering
S80 MSRR6573 AMS5628 Z15CN17-03 1.4044 431S29
S92       1.1169 150M19
S95 MSRR6017       817M40
S97 MSRR6102     1.6743 826M31
S98       1.6745 826M40
S99       1.6745 826M40
S106 MSRR6001   30CD12 1.8564 722M24
S130 MSRR6522 AMS5646 Z6CNNb18-10 1.4546 347
S131 MSRR6018        
S132 MSRR6038   40CDV12 1.8523  
S140 MSRR6043        
S142   AMS6350 25CD4S 1.7214  
S143 MSRR6537       FV520B
S144         FV520B
S145         FV520B
S150 MSRR6596     1.4914  
S154 MSRR6043     1.6743 826M31
S155   AMS6419     300M
S156 MSRR6010     1.6722  
S157 MSRR6051     1.6657  
S159 MSRR6507        
HR51/HR650 MSRR6531 AMS5732 EZ6NCT25 1.4943 A286
HR52 MSRR6532 AMS5737   1.4944 A286
    AMS5630 Z100CD17 1.3543 AISI440C
    AMS6265     E9310
    AMS6414     4340
    AMS6414     4340
    HMS-6-1121     4340

Size Ranges

Round Bar/Billet 1/2" to 495mm Diameter

Flat Bar/Rectangles 33mm x 30mm to 295mm x 1066mm